A True Japan Experience ODAWARA

A Historic Castle Town by the Sea

A cultural and political hub under the Hojo clan in Japan’s medieval Muromachi Period, Odawara boasts a rich cultural legacy and deep-rooted traditions that flourish to this day, making it the perfect destination for those looking to travel back to a truly authentic Japan. This tranquil castle town on the coast served as a main stop on the famous Tokaido road that connected Tokyo and Kyoto, and offers unique cultural attractions and sumptuous seafood in a setting ripe for discovery and rich with history.

Meet Geisha
Keepers of the Traditional Arts

Geisha are masters of traditional Japanese arts, undergoing rigorous training in order to become entertainers for their distinguished guests. Geisha dress in kimono of the finest silk, the patterns and colors of which artfully reflect the season. They serve drink, liven up the festivities with clever games, and mesmerize and enchant with elegant dances. Geisha are true professionals of traditional, time-honored Japanese hospitality.


Odawara is a castle town just South of Tokyo. Easily accessible, full of history, cultural experiences, and wonderful food. Explore and experience the beauty of Japan.


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