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Dine in Luxury with Geisha

Meet Geisha

Keepers of the Traditional Arts

Geisha are masters of traditional Japanese arts, undergoing rigorous training in order to become entertainers for their distinguished guests. Geisha dress in kimono of the finest silk, the patterns and colors of which artfully reflect the season. They serve drink, liven up the festivities with clever games, and mesmerize and enchant with elegant dances. Geisha are true professionals of traditional, time-honored Japanese hospitality.

Dine and Make Merry 

with Real Geisha

Indulge in a sumptuous, traditional Japanese meal while geisha attend to your every need. Then be treated to traditional dances, where you will be captivated by the graceful movements of the geisha, dressed in exquisite kimono. The excitement in the room reaches a fever pitch when the geisha invite you to partake in traditional Japanese party games. Let loose and delight in this exhilarating, intimate and authentic geisha dining experience traditionally reserved just for the elite!

Make Your Own Japanese Umbrella

With a Modern Twist

At Daruma and Manyo-no-Yu,make your own miniature Japanese umbrella illumination! These umbrellas became popular centuries ago, and their beauty still charms and fascinates to this day. A local artisan will teach you how to craft your own unique work of art inspired by the traditional Japanese umbrella. Choose a design and color, then combine traditional and modern patterns as you see fit. Enjoy the warm, soothing glow of your umbrella illumination. Take a piece of historical Odawara home with you to treasure for a lifetime.



Indulge in upscale and authentic Japanese dining at Daruma, founded in 1893. The intricate wooden carvings on the doors, and exquisite antiques gracing the walls, give Daruma a feel of exclusivity and opulence. Dine in a lavish historic banquet hall or casual dining room, and feast on the bounties of the seas, arranged as artful and unconventional dishes that are sure to delight the palate.


Hot Spring Resort

Located in the historical townscape close to Odawara Castle, Manyo-no-Yu is an expansive luxury hot springs resort where travel-weary guests can rejuvenate body and soul. Featuring a wellness spa, leisure facilities, and fine dining, as well as private, outdoor and indoor hot springs sourced from the famous Yugawara Onsen, Manyo-no-Yu is an urban oasis in a historical setting.

  Hot Spring Resort
  1-5-14 Sakae-cho, Odawara-shi,
  Kanagawa-ken, 250-0011

②Daruma Restaurant
  2-1-30 Honcho, Odawara-shi,
  Kanagawa-ken, 250-0012

■Getting to Odawara
  35 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station to JR Odawara Station

Date Location
January 29 Daruma
February 7 Manyo-no-Yu


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