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Authentic Tea Ceremony


A Historic Castle Town by the Sea

A cultural and political hub under the Hojo clan in Japan’s medieval Muromachi Period, Odawara boasts a rich cultural legacy and deep-rooted traditions that flourish to this day, making it the perfect destination for those looking to travel back to a truly authentic Japan. This tranquil castle town on the coast served as a main stop on the famous Tokaido road that connected Tokyo and Kyoto, and offers unique cultural attractions and sumptuous seafood in a setting ripe for discovery and rich with history.

Transcend Time and Place

Through the Art of Tea

Few experiences are as uniquely Japanese as the time-honored art of preparing and presenting green tea. Traditionally it is performed in a tea room, where guests sit on tatami mats and are served by a tea master. Artfully arranged Japanese desserts are enjoyed first, offering a sublime contrast with the bittersweet taste of the green tea. The solemnity of the ritual and the purpose ingrained in the tea master’s every precise movement inspire a sense of inner balance and peace.

Discover the Intimate and

Refined Art of Tea

Few experiences are as uniquely Japanese as the time-honored art of preparing and presenting green tea. In this austere and intricate ritual, every movement and utterance is precise and meditative. Guests enter the tea room and are transported to another time and place where the stresses and idle thoughts of everyday life melt away to reveal a sense of inner clarity. Traditional Japanese sweets are enjoyed before tasting the rich, frothy green tea artfully prepared by a master.

Souunji Temple

Nestled in a picturesque cedar grove, Souunji Temple was built by the son of the famous war general Hojo Soun, and houses the graves of five generations of the Hojo family. On the grounds is an expansive garden that offers a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Inside are historical tea rooms where guests can experience a truly authentic and intimate tea ceremony just as it was practiced centuries ago.

Matsunaga Memorial Hall

This former residence of Yasuzaemon Matsunaga, a master of tea and avid collector of antiques, is a tranquil haven of tea ceremony aesthetics tucked into the woods on top of a hill. Step into historic tea rooms where time all but stands still, and take in the breathtaking views of the lush garden surrounding this traditional Japanese home.

①Souunji Temple
  405 Yumoto, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun,
  Kanagawa-ken, 250-0311
②Matsunaga Memorial Hall
  941-1 Itabashi, Odawara-shi,
  Kanagawa-ken, 250-0034
■Getting to Odawara
  35 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Tokyo Station
  to JR Odawara Station


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